Juniper Education has  announced the acquisition of the innovative management information system (MIS) provider, Pupil Asset, which supplies 900 primary schools in the UK. In a step-change for the education sector, the acquisition will mean primary schools can access the best pupil assessment tracking tools, an innovative MIS and results-driven school support services, all from the same supplier. 

Juniper Education’s services support schools with their key HR, finance, regulatory and teaching and learning functions. The company’s pupil assessment tracking software gives teachers the information they need to see how their students are performing, to effectively guide pupil learning. 

Further investment in the development of Pupil Asset is planned following the acquisition. This will ensure Pupil Asset will continue to evolve to meet teachers’ and school leaders’ changing requirements for detailed progress information on their students and school. 

Gavin Freed, chairman of Juniper Education, said: “Schools are facing a huge challenge to ensure no child is left behind and it’s our aim to give them the integrated tools and support they need to do this. We have a complete range of products and services for primary schools and we are increasingly becoming an important choice for secondary and special education needs schools. Combining first-rate pupil assessment tracking with a comprehensive MIS means primary schools can spend more time with students rather than searching for information.”

James Leeds, CEO of Pupil Asset, said: “It’s never been so important for schools to be able to evaluate the impact of the past few months and to be able to make informed decisions for the future.  Joining forces with Juniper Education is exciting. It completes the jigsaw for primary schools, offering them in-depth information to provide the best support for all children.”

Simon Hitchcock, managing partner at Horizon Capital, investor in Juniper Education, said: “We are delighted to support Juniper Education in completing the fourth acquisition since our investment in 2019 created this new software and service provider in the education market.  We plan to invest further and look forward to working with the management team as the group continues its growth.”


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