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Latest Insights from the Horizon Capital Team

Horizon Capital 2021 Review

Contributor: Giuliana Victoria Cian, Manager

Amidst all the uncertainty in global markets, 2021 was a record year of growth for Horizon Capital and our portfolio companies. It was a year in which we invested to deepen our domain expertise and extend…

A GPs perspective on the importance of prioritising ESG criteria

Contributor: Giuliana Victoria Cian, Manager

ESG is becoming more of a priority on the agenda of all private equity funds. Regardless of fund size, investment strategy or even geographical presence, ESG is now fundamentally changing the way we do business…

Why empathy has never been more important in a technology proposition

Guest contributor: Stewart Smythe, CEO, Ascent 

The last decade-ish has been all about cloud for mid-market European businesses, positioning investment in modern infrastructure and technology operations as the critical enablers of future value…

Communications Platform as a Service: Driving change in Customer Experience

Thomas Maizels, Director

In 2020 Twilio, a San Francisco based Communications Platform as a Service (“CPaaS”) provider, saw its share price grow 280%…

2020 in Review

An active year for Horizon Capital with 2 New Platform investments, 3 realisations and 23 add on acquisitions.

This time last year UK businesses braced themselves for a year of uncertainty with the outcome of both Brexit and the US presidential election hanging in the balance.

Three ingredients for a successful buy and build M&A strategy

Adam Lewis, Partner, Horizon Capital

Why pursue an M&A strategy?
M&A is a key strategy used by CEOs the world over in pursuit of growth…

A 2020 business lesson from Rudyard Kipling

Luke Kingston, Partner, Horizon Capital

‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…..’


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