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Responsible Investing

Our Commitment to Responsible Investing

Horizon Capital view ESG as a journey of continuous development and improvement. A journey which begins before our investment and endures beyond our exit.  

We take our responsibility for ESG factors as an investor seriously and have consciously decided to take a proactive approach towards responsible investing commencing with our sector focused approach which itself has many positive ESG benefits.

We believe acting responsibly and proactively on ESG factors enables us to generate both enhanced economic returns for our investors whilst having a positive impact on our own employees, those employees building their careers in our portfolio companies and on the wider community around us.

Horizon Capital have built a comprehensive bespoke ESG framework, with a strong focus on social and governance issues that is practical, results focused and highly relevant to the sectors and businesses in which we invest.

We regularly review our approach to ensure we are working effectively with our portfolio companies to deliver a high social value impact and exemplary corporate governance.

Embracing our Environmental, Social responsibilities


We deploy capital exclusively into technology and technology enabled service  businesses. By mobilising capital into low-carbon areas we believe we are reducing our environmental impact and promoting a greener, more sustainable economy.


People are at the heart of our ESG mission; 90% of our investments go into founder-owned businesses. We care about the founder legacy, their extended corporate family (the employees) and their client portfolio. We run numerous and diverse initiatives across the businesses within our investment portfolio to ensure we are attracting and retaining the best talent, whilst giving back to the communities we touch and positively impacting wider society.

Embracing our Governance responsibilities

We pride ourselves on having exemplary standards of corporate governance for the small entrepreneurial businesses in which we invest.  This bedrock is a key part of the systems and processes we implement during the first months of our investment and continually improve over the lifetime of it.  These systems including the governance are a key enabler for our portfolio companies accelerated growth journeys into leaders within their niches.

We have measures in place to allow us to review our overall controls to ensure we are managing multiple types of risks effectively. We want our portfolio companies and their leadership teams to operate in a safe and compliant manner and see it as a key part of our role as their investment partner to provide them with the tools and support they need to execute a robust corporate governance strategy.

Within the ever-changing world, we never stand still and constantly evolve in order to meet the principles as set out in our ESG policy


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