BP3, a global leader in designing and delivering business process automation programs, today announced it has completed the acquisition of specialist automation consultancy Extra Technology. The acquisition will strengthen BP3’s position in a rapidly growing intelligent automation market in EMEA and the US, with Extra Technology having proven itself to be resilient to market changes over recent years.

The acquisition of one of the global leaders in workload automation is the seventh in BP3’s history and plays a key role in BP3’s growth strategy, ensuring BP3 remains on course to become the leading provider of intelligent automation services globally.

The addition of Extra Technology’s unparalleled workload automation capabilities and expertise, backed by a team of fully-certified experts, many whom come from workload automation vendor and senior IT manager backgrounds, will allow BP3 to significantly expand its current offering.

The synergy between BP3’s offering and client base and that of Extra Technology will allow customers of both companies to benefit from a broader portfolio of top-tier workload automation and intelligent automation solutions, as well as intelligent document processing, process
automation, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence.

The acquisition will also provide customers with support for additional software packages and access to an increased number of experts in the field of automation and artificial intelligence.

Together, these expanded capabilities will allow customers to scale and reap the rewards of automation faster, while cementing BP3’s expanded presence in the EMEA market and allowing it to broaden its appeal to US-based customers.

In addition to Extra Technology’s robust workload automation business, BP3 will acquire Extra Technology’s 20 employees and London office, with all employees at both companies expected to remain in their current roles.

Extra Technology is laser focused on customer success, and by welcoming Extra Technology to the BP3 family we will be able to better serve our mutual clients in the UK and Europe more broadly. Our clients are looking for better solutions to modernise their applications that run their core business, and fresh ways to automate vast amounts of physical and digital paperwork. Together, we can meet those needs more completely for our clients on both continents.

Scott FrancisBP3, CEO

This is a very exciting time for everyone at Extra Technology. We've had the pleasure of working with BP3 to delivery great results for clients before – and we're even more excited about doing that under the same banner going forward. Both our company culture and our product offering are closely aligned to BP3's and together we will be able achieve even more than we have alone. The combination of our robust solutions and ecosystems of partners will strengthen our joint offering to customers, both existing and new, and provide new opportunities for employees.

Mark MannionExtra Technology, CEO

We are delighted to support BP3 in its first add on acquisition since the Horizon investment. Extra Technology is a highly complementary asset expanding our capabilities and geographical presence. We look forward to continuing to support BP3 in the execution of both its organic and acquisitive strategy.

Tom MaizelsHorizon Capital - Director

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